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The Seven Stages of Little Learners Love Literacy

Little Learners Love Literacy is an explicit and sequential literacy program that teaches ALL children to read, write and spell with confidence. It has been created from evidence based research. It includes phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary knowledge, fluency and comprehension. 

The Little Learners Love Literacy approach is simple to teach which makes it easy for ALL children to learn to read. Our 'secret ingredients' are our Speed Sounds and Chants plus the important Pip and Tim books. Decodable books are such an important part of Little Learners Love Literacy. 

Each stage is sequentially taught so that children can learn, apply and practise their developing skills in words and connected text. Children learn how to blend sounds together to read words from the start. They experience success immediately as they have the right tools!  They engage when they experience success. Little Learners ensures children get the best possible foundation for future learning. 

Once children know the first 8 letters and sounds from Stage 1, they start reading the first 5 books about Pip and Tim. It is real reading!