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Pip and Tim Book Apps

The Pip and Tim apps are available at iTunes and Google Play. See links below.

We call our Little Learner books the 'no tricks' books. Once children know 8 letters and sounds, they can start reading about Pip and Tim, their family, friends and pets. There are seven carefully sequenced phonic stages with 5 books in each to give lots of reading practice. The stories and characters are engaging, the illustrations are colourful and fun. 

Our new Stage 7 Unit 5 has 6 books about a trip around Australia. Pip and Tim write a blog full of interesting history and geography facts they discover on their adventure. 

Each book is packed with information on how to enjoy it with Speed sounds, Heart words, Speed words  and comprehension questions in each book.  

View a short video on how to support your child while they are reading - Reading at home 

The Pip and Tim Phonic books are now available as Apps with professional audio to engage children. There are two different modes:

Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on iTunes have been created with three different audio modes - Read to me, I will read, No audio.

Stages Plus 4, 6, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 and 7.5  on iTunes have a different mode which enables children to record and hear themselves read. It takes it to the next level, inspiring our readers to reread to improve accuracy and fluency. 

These Apps are part of the Apple Education Volume Purchase plan - schools can purchase 20 apps  with a 50% discount.  

Please note:  you have a choice of purchasing as either ‘Device Assignable’ OR ‘User Assignable’. The later is preferable when schools need to ‘share’ Apps with parents for home use as it allows the IT department to assign a licence. The App can be revoked by the IT department once the person no longer needs the App and assigned to another email address.

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Each stage can be purchased individually. This is an ideal way of following the phonic sequence and children feeling success as they complete each stage. 

The feedback from teachers and parents has been fantastic. We encourage you to post a review so that we can get a star rating and spread the word.  


 Privacy Policy - Little Learners Love Literacy mobile apps: 

  • No user data is collected, used, stored, nor transferred by Learning Logic Pty Ltd in any way
  • Little Learners Love Literacy mobile apps by Learning Logic Pty Ltd do not contain in-App purchases,  third party advertising or links to other apps. 





Stages 1 to Stage 7 Unit 4 Apps are now available on Google Play 


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