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Milo’s Birthday Surprise Activity Book DIGITAL


Milo’s Birthday Surprise Activity Book DIGITAL


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Milo's Activity book for Stages 1 - 4 provides activities for handwriting, phonemic awareness, reading and spelling. There is one page for Milo and each one of his friends.  As soon as children have learnt the first 6 phonemes and graphemes they are introduced to reading words. 

Let's Spell activity is provided for each Stage.  This unique strategy is designed to let children experience success in spelling by teaching the skill of segmenting words, or breaking words into sounds. Each activity provides a sequence of letter choices to ensure children can easily hear and identify each sound and letter. 

Milo's Activity Book introduces children to the Heart words for the Little Learner books. It also provides written activities that provide an introduction before children begin reading the Little Learner books.  

The pages of Milo's Activity book can be printed by the purchaser for the classroom or home. 

Milo's Birthday Surprise storybook which introduces all the characters is available from our online shop or in digital form from the App Store for $4.49. This engaging story introduces the letters and sounds that will be practised in the Milo's Activity book.  The App has the music embedded.  We know how children love music and it provides so much fun while they sing along. 

Milo's Birthday Surprise songs are available on Spotify for free. 

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