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Meet Our Team

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Maureen Pollard


is our director and passionate advocate of developing children’s skills in learning to read, write and spell. Maureen has a B.Ed specializing in Learning Difficulties and has taught in Australia, England, Spain and South Africa.  She presents the Little Learners Love Literacy®  training for the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) in Melbourne. Maureen was awarded the Bruce Wicking Award from Learning Difficulties Australia for her contribution to education in 2012.


Berys Dixon


is an experienced teacher and writer.  Berys always dreamed of being a writer – she loves writing and children love her stories about the adventures of Pip and Tim.  They just keep getting better –  if that is possible.  Berys has also written the Pocket Rocket series.

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Lorraine Lea


wrote the Pip and Tim stories for Stages 1,2,3 & 4. Lorraine created the Zan family – Pip, Tim, Sam the dog and Tip the cat. Lorraine and Maureen taught together at Tintern Grammar in Ringwood.

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Danielle McDonald


illustrates and designs our Pip and Tim books. We adore her creative talents and brilliant use of colour.  Danielle’s unique style makes the books engaging for children. Nothing ever stays the same with Danielle.  Danielle lives on a farm in the Southern Tablelands in NSW with her husband and two gorgeous girls, Jade and Zoe.  

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Fiona Antonopoulos


is a teacher and trainer for Little Learners Love Literacy®. Fiona has taught Little Learners Love Literacy® for many years. Her understanding of explicit teaching and our pedagogy, gives Fiona the skills to train others to effectively use our program with fidelity.  Fiona is the director of Milo’s House. Fiona demonstrates how to do the Milo Chitter Chatter Chant and Speed Sounds on our Youtube videos. It is important to note how Fiona says the ‘pure sound’ in these videos.  

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Sandy Milne


Develops our Little Learner Apps. It is always interesting how one meets people. Sandy and I have an interest in learning Spanish and in class one day my ears pricked up when Sandy explained in Spanish how he had developed an App called Aussie Lingo Slang.  Well, the rest is history.  Sandy is an audio engineer as well as App developer – a great combination!