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About Us

‚ÄčOur mission is to teach ALL children to read, write and spell with confidence. Little Learners Love Literacy® is a sequential, explicit program focussing on phonics and backed by research. Here's how our teaching strategies are making a difference.


We believe all children can love literacy.

They just need the right tools, explicit teaching, practice and support to be a successful reader, writer and speller. Here, you will find everything you need as a teacher or a parent to support your child as they learn to read, write and spell. We help you understand the skills involved in teaching literacy and provide you with the materials to make it simple, fun and interesting.Starting children on the road to literacy is exciting and important! Little Learners Love Literacy ® is carefully sequenced into 7 stages to teach children the 44 sounds of the English alphabet in an engaging process.


Our teaching focuses on phonemic awareness, the alphabetic code (phonics) and linking the teaching of reading, spelling and writing. Little Learners Love Literacy ® is explicit and sequential – no guessing strategies! Children experience success from the beginning. Once they know 8 phonemes (sounds) and graphemes (letters) – 6 consonants and 2 vowels they start reading and spelling consonant, vowel, consonant (CVC) words and the Stage 1 Little Learner books. We believe that the secret ingredient to success is the reading practice children get when they read our beautiful decodable books. Just like learning to play the piano or learning to kick the football, daily practice is the only way to mastery. Children practise their skills when they

  • read the stories about Pip and Tim and their adventures,
  • play a Read and Grab game
  • say the Speed sounds
  • do a Sound Swap word chain
  • do Let's Spell and Let’s Write
  • do a Read and Draw from an activity book
  • play Tim's Quiz
  • play Read, Write and Draw