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What is Phonics?

Once children can attend to the sounds in words, then phonics maps these sounds (phonemes) to the letters (graphemes).  English is a complex code with 44 sounds and 26 letters.  Little learners Love Literacy® teaches the alphabetic code in seven stages, starting with a simple one-to-one match of sounds and letters before moving onto to the more complex code. 

Little Learners Love Literacy® is an explicit and sequential phonics program. It explicitly introduces phonemes/graphemes and teaches children how to blend these phonemes together to read words. Children apply and practise their phonic knowledge and skills by reading the Pip and Tim decodable books. We call these the 'secret ingredient' to success and children call them the 'no tricks'  books. These books only have words with the phonemes/graphemes the children have learnt. That is why children LOVE them! 

The Pip and Tim books have a very small number of Heart words.  These are words that children cannot decode at this stage, for example, in Stages 1 & 2 – I, my, the.  Heart words are kept to a minimum.