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Stage 7 Classroom Book Pack


Stage 7 Classroom Book Pack


Product Description

Five copies of each Pip and Tim book in Stage 7 Unit 1, 2, 3, 4 plus 6 books in Unit 5 in one bundle - 131 books. 

A 15% discount makes it super value. 

Use these books in your small group reading sessions - such an important component of the Little Learners Love Literacy teaching approach. You can focus on teaching a specific vowel grapheme and use the books to apply and practise.

The Unit 5 books are are very special.  Pip and Tim write a blog about their trip around Australia. They have woven facts about the history and the geography of Australia. Plus lots of facts on animals.  The Unit 5 books (6 books ) teach children the three different phonemes in the suffix ed - expected /e/ /d/, disappeared /d/ vanished /t/.  They can then apply this knowledge to their writing. Children can find all the words written by Pip and Tim that have the ed suffix.  Why are there so many words with this suffix in these books. Pip and Tim write about what has happened - past tense.

The books have text that can be used to build fluency, vocabulary knowledge and comprehension. 

Every child wants a chapter book - Stage & unit 4 & 5 are chapter books!!  







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