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Professional Learning

The Australian Council of Education (ACER), Prospect Hill Rd, Camberwell organise and host our literacy workshops.  They are informative, practical and interactive. Little Learners Love Literacy® workshops explain the pedagogy and researcunderpinning the program and give teachers the tools to use the program effectively. 

Teacher knowledge is crucial to ensure the best outcomes.  Little Learners Love Literacy® must be taught with fidelity. Find out how to do this at our workshops. 

Little Learners Love Literacy® is a a whole class approach as well as a second and third tier intervention program.  

Upcoming Workshops 


Little Learners Love Literacy® with Frances Brennan

Tuesday 24th July,  30th October, 27th November 

                                 ACER Camberwell 9:30am - 3:30pm

Teaching so that every child succeeds is simple when using Little Learners Love Literacy®. Teach children to read, write and spell with confidence using explicit phonemic awareness and phonics. Click here for more information. 







Teaching children with Learning Difficulties using Little Learners Love Literacy® with Kristin Anthian.

Friday 31st August

ACER Camberwell 9:30am - 3.30 pm

Kristin has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share at this workshop. Click here for more information. Book now!  



 NEW workshop - DSF Literacy Services in Perth - Monday 10th September with Kim Bloor.  Click here for more information



School Pd:  our skilled presenters will come to you. Contact us for more information - Maureen 0411205335 or email maureen@learninglogic.com.au 



Please remember that ACER is located in Camberwell alongside the Camberwell station.  If you are coming by car there is ALL DAY parking in The Well carpark at a cost of $8 or less. Please take the stress off everyone by using this carpark instead of the 2 hour parking spots. The parking inspectors are ruthless. 


What do our participants say:

Very insightful session - great resources                        

Nicola June 2017

Kristin knows everything! So interesting, lots of great tips and tricks to share.  

Megan June

Kristin was a great presenter.  She backed up everything with evidence!      

Mala  June 2017

A valuable and informative PD. I am very excited to put the info into practice. Thank you for this inspiring and practical PD. 

I liked the display of all the games and books that we could actually look through an use

                                                                                                      Colleen June 2017

 Thank you, the workshop helped to clarify many questions that I had.  There are many things that I can now take back to school.                                            

Eleni March 2017 

This is an excellent PD. I am really excited to implement Little Learners into my P/1 classroom program.

Clare March 2017 

Well structured & delivered presentation. Very relevant and engaging.

I liked all of the practical demonstrations & strategies and that is WASN'T all a big secret unless and until it's paid for. Love the way the presenters are so invested in literacy. Love the way it can be differentiated so easily.                                                

Karen March 2017

Big thanks for all your knowledge and resources shared in a way that was stimulating and well paced.  Wonderful!  Should be compulsory in all schools.            

Sarah S Feb 2017  

 I now feel confident and eager to start using LLLL at school.   

Antoinette G  2017

Very informative!  Well presented.  Looking forward to implementing at school.  

Kirsty B 2017 

Maureen and Berys were fantastic!  Well presented, interesting and an exciting program. I'm looking forward to giving it a go! 


Highly valuable PD! Maureen is engaging and inspiring, and clearly presented LLLL making it accessible for all regardless of previous experience.

Stephanie  Jan 2016

I walked away with a vision in my head and a clearer view of how I need to teach literacy. I am feeling confident and understand how to apply this concept. Very informative.  Excellent PD

Cherie Jan 2016

Loved it! So excited about beginning to implement this in our Prep classrooms.

Dinah Jan 2016

Maureen is engaging and knowledgeable. I loved her enthusiasm and commitment to evidence based practice!

Caroline Jan 2016

Today turned my whole curriculum on its head! Holiday planning out of the window. Very exciting - don't think I will sleep until school starts

Jann  W Jan 2016

 There needs to be a Maureen on staff in every Education Department at every university!

Kelly  Jan 2016

I think the emphasis on evidence based practice is great, especially coming from a scientific background.  

The teaching technique was so clear & easy to understand. A really fantastic workshop!

Kerry  Jan 2016

Wonderful to see so much passion about scientifically proven teaching techniques.

Meagan Jan 2016

Maureen was engaging, flexible, knowledgeable and interesting.                        

Meg Sydney March 2016

Excellent workshop. I now feel I can carry out SoundCheck and Sound Swap with confidence.

Catherine Sydney March 2016