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Pip and Tim books Stages 1 - 4 (20 stories) Super COVID-19 Special

$156.00 $100.00
(You save $56.00)

Pip and Tim books Stages 1 - 4 (20 stories) Super COVID-19 Special

$156.00 $100.00
(You save $56.00)

Product Description

These 20 stories about Pip and Tim and their adventures are a vital part of learning to read - they are decodable. Once children know the letter and sounds for each stage, plus a few Heart words, they can read their first book. They are applying the skills they have learnt. 

It is so exciting to see the success children feel when they start reading.

Little Learners Love Literacy focuses on teaching the sounds represented by the letters (phonics) as well as being able to blend thee sounds together to read words.

Children just need the right tools, explicit teaching and plenty of practice and support to make the first steps to reading. 

Letters and sounds for each stage:

Stage 1 - m s f a p t c i

Stage 2 - b h n o d g l v

Stage 3 - y r e qu z

Stage 4 - j u k x w

Things to remember

  • start at the back of the book by reviewing the Speed sounds and Heart words.

  • encourage children to track words as they read, that is point to each word as they read it.

  • encourage children to sound and blend unfamiliar words aloud.

To really master a LLLL Stage children must be be automatic in their reading so don’t be afraid to read it over and over again (the more times the better). Each Stage has 5 books, so read the first one, then read the next book before returning to the first one again. Keep interweaving them. 

Watch this video of our author Berys reading with Ella for some hints and tips.

All of our books have notes at the back to support you too. So find a quiet, comfortable space and enjoy!

For more information, check out our FAQs tab on our Little Learners Love Literacy website. 

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