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Our Clients

literacy co-ordinators, classroom teachers and learning support staff value the simplicity of Little Learners Love Literacy® and the pedagogy of explicit and sequential teaching with lots of application, practice and revision. The extremely positive feedback from teachers and the results they are achieving with their students keeps us afloat. Teachers use the Little Learner Pip and Tim books in the classroom and for home reading. This ensures that what is being taught in the classroom is practised at home by the child reading to their family. These books are our secret ingredient!

We call them the no tricks books. We do not want children looking at pictures to guess words. This is not reading! We want children to be able to ‘sound out’ or ‘decode’ all the graphemes in every word. Teachers appreciate the training on why and how to use Little Learners Love Literacy® at our LLLL Hub, 94 Union Rd Surrey Hills 3127.  We also welcome you to visit us so that we can show you our engaging resources. 

Laura Sammut sent us this email:

Synthetic Phonics is a term used in UK which means ‘synthesizing sounds’ –  blending them together.  Little Learners Love Literacy is a synthetic phonics program.

Speech Pathologists:  
understand the importance of oral language and the link to literacy.  Their training is very focused on phonemic awareness and this naturally links to phonics and the teaching of reading and spelling.


SoundCheck , sequencing sounds for spelling success is one of their favourite resources.

Parents: love the sequential and explicit teaching of our program.  It makes sense to them.  Once children know a few phonemes (sounds) and graphemes (letters) they can start reading the Pip and Tim books.  Their children are starting on the important journey of reading.  It is simple and fun! We believe that all children can learn to read ...