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Talking Tapping Syllables:


Syllables are a very useful component of phonological awareness programs linking to reading and spelling. The Talking Tapping Syllables numbered hands provides a practical resource for breaking words into syllables. Children tap on each hand as they break a word into syllables. Teacher then taps or points to a hand - children say the syllable. This is done at random. Download here to print out a Talking Tapping Syllable card or copy the Talking Tapping Syllable graphic above and paste in a word document. This way you can size it to suit your needs and set the page to landscape.


Talking Tapping Syllables

Foundation Year Sequence

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Teacher Planner

Seven Stages of Little Learners

Start with compound words as they break easily into two syllables: lunchbox, hotdog, lipstick, teaspoon, football, hairbrush.

1 syllable words (frequently stretched to 2 syllables) school grapes church moon scream peach

2 syllable words: orange apple monkey robot bottle lemon

3 syllable words: fantastic hospital department carpenter hamburger understand

4 syllable words: watermelon invitation caterpillar helicopter calculator supermarket

5 syllable words: congratulatons hippopotamus aboriginal uncomfortable voluntarily