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Should we continue to teach new content in Term 2?

Yes, we highly recommend you continuing to teach the Little Learners Love Literacy teaching sequence. Access the sequence here and then refer to our Teacher Activity Resource books for planning support and activities. We have made our TARs available for free during the covid-19 school closures – just head to our Google Drive to download them.


How do I teach a virtual Little Learners Love Literacy explicit lesson?

As always with a LLLL lesson, you are in control. We don’t script our lessons because we respect your professional knowledge, planning routines and teaching styles. However, we have created a few examples to provide some support at this difficult time.

LLLL Virtual Lesson Notes_Foundation.pdf

Teaching online is definitely possible, and with more practice it will get smoother. We would recommend doing your revision with a selection of Chitter Chatter Chants and Speed Sounds before moving on to a sound box to introduce the new graphemes/phonemes. Then show how to sound and blend new words - prompting children at home to join in.

Next show the children (and parents) the handwriting formation of the new grapheme and ask children to have a go at home. Lastly model spelling some words with the new grapheme prompting children to join in after the second one using their whiteboard or paper at home.

IF you feel confident (and IF technology is working well for you) you could ask children to read some words out loud and listen in, and you could ask them ‘chin it’ so you can look at their writing on screen. Otherwise, for practice you can set some words for children to read and spell with their parents after your lesson.

Try not to worry about the number of parents attending your virtual class - it can be intimidating but they will want to learn too and we know you will be fabulous! If you have any questions please send us an email or drop a message on our Facebook page.


Can I download the eBook versions of your decodable books?

All of our Pip & Tim decodable books (Stages1 - Stage 7.5) are available as apps. There is an app for each LLLL Stage. The lower stages have audio support to allow children to work independently, and the upper stages have recording functionality to help children improve their fluency. To support you through the covid-19 school closures we have reduced the prices of all of our apps, and we have made the Stage 1 app available for free.

Access the LLLL Apps here.

Stage 1 of the Pip and Tim books is now available on Google Play.  The other stages will be there very soon.  

I had a LLLL professional development workshop booked, what do I do?

You should have received an email from us explaining that we have had to cancel due to the present Covid-19 situation. We intend to reschedule these events when it is possible to do so. We have also offered immediate refunds. If you didn’t receive this email or if you have further questions about workshops and professional development, please get in touch 

We will be running some short webinars next term, please register your interest here and we will send you an invite closer to the time.