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FAQs Parents & Carers

What activities can I do at home as a parent/carer to support my child?

Try not to panic! Teachers are working really hard to maintain your child’s progress through this challenging situation – despite school closures. Whilst you are at home together you can help by:

  • Reading to your child – we all know how important bedtime stories are but let us reassure you that reading a range of books to your child is a valuable activity at any time of day. Whilst children develop their own word reading skills it is vital to hear books read to them for vocabulary and comprehension development.
  • Reading and writing practice – children need lots of practice opportunities to master the phonics knowledge and skills they are being taught (perhaps even more than you think). We have a range of fun games and activities to provide this practice at each stage of your child’s development:
  • Phonemic awareness games -being able to hear, say and play with sounds is crucial to reading and spelling development in Prep and Year 1, as well as pre-school. Why not ask your child to touch their t-oe-s, h-o-p or d-a-n-ce.
  • Following a schedule regular routine each day which includes plenty of breaks for play and movement.
  • Supporting your child’s teacher and school.


How can I help my child when they get stuck?

The Little Learners Love Literacy program uses an evidence-informed teaching approach to support ALL learners to read and spell. This means we have a certain way of doing things and that way is simple and consistent - if your child gets stuck we always go back to sounding out the word. We don’t promote guessing. Watch this very short video for support.

Don’t worry … by using these tips and with some positive reinforcement your child will get there. You are doing a great job!


My child’s school uses Little Learners Love Literacy – what is it?

Little Learners Love Literacy is a sequential, explicit teaching program backed by research. Our director Maureen Pollard and her team are based in Melbourne and they support schools across Australia, New Zealand and beyond with their reading and spelling resources.

At LLLL we believe all children can be successful readers, writers and spellers. They just need the right tools, explicit teaching, plenty of practice and your support. With the LLLL program you will find everything you need as a teacher or a parent to support children as they learn to read, write and spell.

You can read/watch more on our website here.


What is synthetic phonics and why is it important?

Little Learners Love Literacy focusses on synthetic phonics teaching to support all children to be successful readers and spellers. Our range of resources support the development of each of the 5 pillars of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension). Take a look at a quick summary on our website here.


What is a decodable book?

A decodable book is a story or nonfiction text that has been written only using the sounds and letters children have learnt to date. This means they have the tools they need to read every word in the book without guessing.

Find out more about decodable books on our website.


Can I download electronic versions of your decodable books?

Each of our Pip & Tim decodable books are available as apps. There is an app for each LLLL Stage. The lower stages have audio support to allow children to work independently, and the upper stages have recording functionality to help children improve their fluency.

Access the LLLL Apps here.

To support you through the covid-19 school closures we have reduced the prices of all of our apps, and we have made the Stage 1 app available for free.

Our Android app will be available on the Google Play Store very soon.


How should we use decodable books at home?

If your child has been taught the sounds and letters listed on the book cover then they can read it - so let them read it out loud and proud! To really master a LLLL Stage children must be really fluent and automatic in their reading so don’t be afraid to read it over and over again (the more times the better).

Watch this video of our author Berys reading with Ella for some hints and tips.

All of our books have notes at the back to support you too. So find a quiet, comfortable space and enjoy!


Are you offering webinars or video support for parents?

We will be running some short webinars during Term 2 to support teachers and parents.

You can register your interest here

We will then send you information and webinar invites as they become available. We will also share recordings of webinars with anybody who has registered their interest -in case you can’t make it for some reason.