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DIGITAL Teacher Activity Resource Stage 7 Unit 4


DIGITAL Teacher Activity Resource Stage 7 Unit 4


Product Description

This is a DIGITAL download for the Stage 7 Unit 1 Teacher Activity Resource book

The aim of Stage 7 Unit 4 is for children to:  

master alternative spellings for the long vowel sounds /ā /, /ē /, /ī/, /ō/, /oo/ and /yoo/, including split digraphs 

understand the role of e at the end of words 

master alternative spellings for the phonemes /s/, /j/, /n/, /k/, /m/, /r/ 

apply knowledge of these new alternative graphemes to read new words fluently and spell new words with accuracy 

have an enriched vocabulary knowledge, including recognising and using homophones, synonyms and antonyms 

be able to identify base words and suffixes -s, -y, -ing, and -er.

apply the following rules to spell using suffixes: 

no change to base word 

double the consonant 

drop the e. 


This unit covers 15 weeks of explicit teaching of reading, spelling, language structure with lesson plans and resources. 

This introductory price of $85 will finish on Friday 27th November. RRP is $110. 


If this Teacher Activity Resource digital resource is paid online, then you will receive an email within a few minutes with the link to download, however, if using a school invoice - which is fine - then it may take 24 hours for your invoice to be marked completed. Once processed and marked completed you will be sent the download link.  You will also receive an email with an invoice. 




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