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COVID SPECIAL Mk 2 Plus 4, 5 & 6 Pack

$305.20 $220.00
(You save $85.20)

COVID SPECIAL Mk 2 Plus 4, 5 & 6 Pack

$305.20 $220.00
(You save $85.20)

Product Description

This special COVID Mk 2 pack is perfect for remote learning in Term 3, Foundation Year.  It has 15 decodable stories about Pip and Tim focusing on

  • double consonants - one sound ff, ll, ss
  • morphology - adding the suffix s - plural s (cats) and verb s (runs) 
  • adjacent consonants - know that children can read simple consonant, vowel, consonant words, they take the next leap to reading words with adjacent consonants.  Words such as jump, frog, lost
  • digraphs - ck, sh, th, ng 


These delightful books introduce children to speech bubbles, talking marks, question marks and other language features. 

Explore the vocabulary in these stories: timid - what does it mean? Do you know someone who is timid? 

For tips on reading with your child, visit our Little Learners Love Literacy YouTube Channel to watch Reading at Home with Ella reading Quack! to Berys Dixon, the author of Quack! 

PLUS A free Read and Grab game.  Watch our YouTube video clip on playing Read and Grab.  

Tim's Quiz provides lots of fun with children reading short decodable questions - can you take a chicken to a cricket match? Is an ant a pest? So much fun and discussion in these quirky questions? 

Read, write and draw - children read the word, phrase or sentence, write it and then draw to show understanding.  A great independent activity - perfect for remote learning. 

Watch the Read, write and draw video on YouTube Little Learners Love Literacy 


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