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Teaching Spelling

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SoundCheck is designed to let children experience success in meeting the challenges of spelling. It is used by teachers, parents, teacher assistants, speech pathologists and psychologists with enormous success. They love the simplicity of the strategy. SoundCheck is easy to use with step-by-step instructions for each lesson plus a specific skill focus. Once children learn the SoundCheck strategy, they are up and running. They feel confident in segmenting the word into sounds and selecting the matching letter from a menu of choices. Children sequence these sounds/letters for spelling success.

Research is clear about the importance of phonological awareness for both reading and spelling. Each unit of SoundCheck has a 'Phonemic Fun' activity. This skill can and must be taught.

Children build confidence from the start and love the feeling of success. We know that success builds success. Spelling and reading are complementary skills and this is exactly how the SoundCheck strategy works.

How do I know where to start? Each SoundCheck has an assessment for pre and post testing as well as an explanation of where to start.

SoundCheck 1

soundcheck-1.jpgThis book introduces the unique SoundCheck strategy of teaching children the skill of segmenting words; breaking words into sounds and then matching them to the letter/letters. A crucial skill in spelling. Each of the 26 Units provides a sequence of letter choices for children to ensure they hear and identify each sound and letter. The first 12 units focus on consonant, vowel, consonant words. The short vowel sounds are gradually introduced and contrasted as they are difficult and need lots of practice. Once this knowledge is consolidated, adjacent consonants are taught - Units 12 - 20. SoundCheck is a perfect tool for identifying the individual sounds in adjacent consonants - print, jump. In addition SoundCheck has specific units on sh, ch, th, ck, ss, ll, zz. Copymasters are provided in Sassoon and Victorian Cursive fonts. Phonological activities for each Unit plus an assessment package for pre and post assessments ensure successful outcomes. Order Online Now.

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SoundCheck 2

soundcheck-2.jpgUsing the same strategy as above, SoundCheck 2 extends children’s knowledge of phonics by teaching ‘magic or bossy e’, digraphs – ar, or, ea, oa, ee, doubling consonants, identifying syllables in words with ‘tion’ and much more. Each Unit has a phonological activity to enhance learning. SoundCheck 2 includes assessment tools so that pre and post assessment can be completed. Order Online Now.

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What teachers say?

"SoundCheck is a big part of my Year 1 Literacy programme: It teaches as well as tests students. I particularly like the scaffolding it provides for those children who are still working on their letter-sound mapping." Jocelyn Williams (Teacher Individual Differences)

Sample of a SoundCheck Unit


Sound Swap Word Chain Game - spelling and reading

Sound Swap is a multi-sensory and engaging game for children as they touch and manipulate letter cards to make new words. The accompanying book provides lists of word chains to use. It is simple and fun. By changing one letter/sound children make a new word and start to understand how to spell using their knowledge of the alphabetic code.

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A sample page from the Sound Swap word chain book. This book is complimentary when purchasing the Sound Swap game. It makes your life easier with all the work done for you!

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